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Jan 28 2008

Armchair Real Estate Investor (Kaplan Publishing)

TitleVest and 1031Vest prominently profiled in book by leading real estate authority.

Everything you need to know to profit from real estate you can learn online including finding valuable properties, buyers, sellers, financing, and getting title insurance, and tax exchange help. So says Robert Irwin in a comprehensive new handbook on investing online called, THE ARMCHAIR REAL ESTATE INVESTOR. “Success in real estate investing can be as easy as clicking a website – if you know where to look,” says Irwin. He serves as your guide to every stage of investing from raising capital to finding properties, from landlording to 1031 exchanges. You are shown how even first-time investors can profit from the vast expertise available on the Internet. Prominently featured in THE ARMCHAIR REAL ESTATE INVESTOR is profiled as a leading source for title insurance and as a leading Qualified Intermediary for 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. The book explains both the value and necessity of obtaining appropriate title insurance as well as the ins and outs of creating a successful tax-free exchange.

214 pages - $22.95
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