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Jun 07 2010

TitleVest's New Interactive Online Report™, in Tandem with Apple's iPad, is a Watershed for the Legal Industry

The iPad's early success indicates that it is the next revolutionary step in both personal and business life. As a result, forward looking business are initiating compatible applications to meet the predicted demands of consumers. The following is a recent press release regarding title insurance agency TitleVest's new iPad technology in which attorneys can review documents electronically in their iPad in a near identical manner as a printed document.

TitleVest's New Interactive Online Report™, in Tandem with Apple's iPad, is a Watershed for the Legal Industry

New York, NY – June 2, 2010 – TitleVest's newly-launched Interactive Online Report™, a web-based application which streamlines the title insurance review and closing process making it swifter, more comprehensive and thorough than the traditional method of reviewing reams of printed documents, is revolutionary in its own right.

But when TitleVest President and CEO Bill Baron had a hunch that the Online Interactive Report's™ functionality might be enhanced by running it on the iPad introduced in early April, Baron's concept instantly became a watershed for the legal industry. Initially intended for use on a desktop or laptop prior to the introduction of the iPad, it turns out that the application is a perfect match for the size and scope of Apple's hot new product.

“It's as if they were made for each other,” said Mr. Baron. “What makes the Interactive Online Report™ so ideal for the iPad is that it enables attorneys to review reports electronically in virtually the same manner as if they were working with a printed document—by holding it wirelessly and almost weightlessly in their hands, being able to share it as a 'living' tablet with colleagues, being able to slip it into a briefcase, and being able to magnify small print as well as to view documents from both a vertical and horizontal perspective. Virtually every one of our attorney clients who has experienced our Interactive Online Report™ on an iPad has totally embraced the paired technologies.”

Interactive Online Report™ enables all parties involved in a real estate conveyance to view documentation 24/7. If any party updates the information, changes are updated online and an email notification is sent so that everyone may view the revised report. The portal offers users the ability to schedule closings and order transfer tax forms and/or IRS Form 1099, complimentary to all parties involved on the transaction. And post closing, the site provides recording confirmation of all closing documents and archival copies of all title insurance policies.

The Interactive Online Report™ is particularly user friendly and intuitive and it's Web-based, so it can run on any computer. TitleVest clients were just beginning to use the program prior to Apple's release of the iPad. It is equally powerful whether viewed on the iPad or on a computer, but the iPad offers a very distinct 'comfort' advantage.

“The product is hot off the press, we are just now encouraging our clients to use it,' said Mr. Baron, “and based on the feedback, it‟s evident that users will be hard-pressed to go back to the traditional method of reviewing paper reports once they‟ve experienced the virtues of our interactive version.”


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