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Aug 04 2010

Real Estate Weekly

TitleVest Awarded Patent for ACRISasap™

TitleVest Agency, Inc. announced that the company has been issued a United States Patent for its ACRISasap™ technology.

ACRISasap™ is a web-based tool that cuts the time to create NYC ACRIS E-Tax forms by 90% or more. ACRIS E-Tax forms are required in connection with all conveyances of real property and cooperative apartments in New York City.

“The Patent award confirms what we have known for years: ACRISasap™ is a technical marvel,” said Bill Baron, TitleVest’s Founder and President and the “inventor” of the patented program.

“It’s really a no-brainer for real estate attorneys. ACRISasap™ creates the required E-Tax forms in a fraction of the time and effort required by the City’s ACRIS website,” said Baron.

Since launching ACRISasap™ in 2005, TitleVest has developed a loyal following of New York real estate attorneys and support staff, ranging from solo practitioners to the largest and most prominent New York law firms.

Founded in 2000, TitleVest is a privately held title insurance agency offering a range of title insurance and related services throughout the United States, from large complex commercial transactions to residential purchase and mortgage refinances.

TitleVest is a policy-issuing agent for six of the nation’s largest and highestrated title insurance underwriters and an industry leader in developing proprietary web-based solutions.