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Dec 30 2009

Real Estate Weekly

TitleVest offers new Online Report

TitleVest, a Manhattan-based provider of title insurance and related real estate services, announced the launch of Interactive Online Report™, a proprietary web-based application which streamlines the title insurance review and closing process.

Interactive Online Report™, available for all new title insurance orders placed with TitleVest, is an interactive portal for reviewing title reports and managing the pre-closing, closing and post-closing processes. With Interactive Online Report™, a new interactive website is created for each order, with secure 24/7 access available to all parties to the transaction. Pre-closing features include a detailed summary of all open items with interactive links to view and update information and to communicate directly with TitleVest staff. Closing features include the ability to schedule closings, view an itemized breakdown of all title charges and order transfer tax forms and/or IRS Form 1099 (complimentary to all parties to the transaction). Post-closing features include recording confirmation of all closing documents and archival copies of all title insurance policies.

"Interactive Online Report™ is not about simply providing a courtesy copy of our title reports online. Instead, it is an entirely new and powerful method of reviewing title reports and managing the closing process from any computer or PDA", said Bill Baron, president of TitleVest. "Once our clients experience the power of Interactive Online Report™, they will be hard-pressed to go back to the traditional method of reviewing paper reports and other manual aspects of the closing process."

Interactive Online Report™ is the latest in TitleVest’s growing arsenal of industry-best web-based technology for real estate professionals. Other proprietary tools include ACRISasap™, ACRIStracker™, UCCtracker™, Legal Form Generator™, and Closing Cost Calculator™, all exclusively available to registered users of .