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Jun 18 2008

Real Estate Weekly

TitleVest's automates document tracking with beta release ACRIStracker

TitleVest, the New York-based provider of title insurance and related services, announced the beta release of ACRIStracker.

The new web-based application tracks when real property-related documents, such as deeds, mortgages and ACRIS E-Tax transfer tax returns, have been recorded with the NYC Department of Finance.

ACRIStracker eliminates the manual process of searching the NYC ACRIS website to see if documents have been recorded. Instead, users receive email alerts as soon as the documents that meet their tracking criteria are recorded.

ACRIStracker offers features to benefit a variety of professionals working with one or more NYC properties:

Attorneys can confirm that real estate documents (e.g. deeds, mortgages, etc.) are properly and timely recorded and provide their clients with convenient email links to these recorded documents. For coop transactions, attorneys can confirm that the ACRIS E-Tax Forms have been properly and timely filed.

Lenders can track and confirm that their collateral documents (mortgages, UCC-1 s, Assignments, CEMA's etc.) are properly recorded and not inadvertently (or fraudulently) terminated. Lenders can also confirm collateral has not been improperly conveyed to a third party or additionally encumbered.

Title companies can track and confirm that documents relating to their insured transactions and courtesy recordings are properly recorded and provide their clients with confirmation.

Simply, ACRIStracker allows anyone to automatically monitor the transactional activity of a NYC property or confirm the recording of a specific document with the NYC Department of Finance.

ACRIStracker is offered at no cost during the beta period.