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Mar 05 2008

Real Estate Weekly

TitleVest's web-based tools help real estate professionals streamline business

Technology is taking a front seat in the real estate industry. Newly developed web-based tools can help real estate professionals streamline their business, saving both time and money.

Proprietary online tools now allow real estate attorneys to order title insurance, co-op lien searches, file UCC financing statements, complete New York City ACRIS tax forms and track all activities online.

Attorneys can establish secure accounts and log in to view updates, create required legal forms, schedule closings and retrieve archives 24-7.

Here are some of the free-to-use online tools available at to help streamline the closing process.

Title Insurance: Orders can be placed, tracked and viewed online. All title policies are archived for future access. Users can schedule and confirm closings and select closers through this 24/7 accessible hub.

A cost calculator provides an itemized breakdown of the exact closing costs of any type of real estate transaction. Email alerts are also generated confirming the recording of documents.

Coop Lien Searches/UCC filings: Similar to title insurance, coop lien search orders and continuation search requests can be placed, tracked and viewed on-line. UCC forms feature an auto-fill option, allowing users to pull information from related and previously processed documents. The forms are submitted for filing with the click of a button.

ACRIS Tax Filings: ACRISasap™ was developed in response to the NYC Department of Finance's ACRIS website, which among other things, requires that all New York City and State transfer tax and related forms, be created online. ACRISasap™ requires only one form to be completed, unlike the NYC ACRIS website which requires multiple forms.

Once entered onto ACRISasap™ , the data is automatically transferred to the City's ACRIS website and all required E-Tax forms are created and posted to in about one minute.

Tracking ACRIS Filings: The BETA version of ACRIStracker™ s was recently announced, allowing for the automated tracking of documents submitted for recording against real property in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. Users have the option of tracking either specific or all documents filed against a particular property.

ACRIStracker™ technology enables attorneys to confirm that the real estate documents for their clients' transactions are properly and timely recorded

Attorneys can also provide their clients with with email links to the recorded documents. On co-op transactions, attorneys can confirm that the ACRIS E-Tax Forms have been properly and timely filed.

Online Legal Forms: Legal Form Generator offers access to the industry's most widely used legal forms. Powered by Adobe Systems technology, real estate forms are designed to automatically share information and can be accessed 24/7.

Forms can be printed, saved or edited at any time from any computer.

These user-friendly web-based tools can help real estate professionals streamline their business, saving both time and money.