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Apr 23 2008

The Title Report

TitleVest to plant tree for every paperless transaction

Read on to learn about the partnership Manhattan, N.Y.-based TitleVest has made with the Arbor Day Foundation in an effort to offset paper consumption.

In an effort to offset paper consumption, and as part of its ongoing commitment to eco-friendly business practices, TitleVest is launching Grow Paperless. The title insurance company has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every order placed by a client who opts to go paperless.

The Forest Stewardship Council reports the U.S. is the largest market for paper in the world, producing 90 million tons and consuming 100 million tons of paper annually. An estimated five million acres of forests are logged each year for paper production, making the paper industry the largest consumer of trees in the U.S.

TitleVest, a Manhattan-based provider of title insurance and related real estate services with regional offices in White Plains, N.Y., Short Hills, NJ, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a leader in proprietary Web-based industry technology.

To launch Grow Paperless and encourage its clients to go paperless, TitleVest has developed an interactive method of displaying its reports online. Each report is displayed as its own interactive Web site, offering clients unparalleled functionality and a streamlined user interface. Reports are also viewable on BlackBerrys and other PDAs with internet access. As a further incentive to go paperless, TitleVest is including the preparation of ACRIS E-Tax Forms for free a $100 value.

TitleVest is also scanning paper documents to create electronic archives and working from electronic files rather than hard copies whenever possible. All efforts are aimed at greatly reducing the 100,000 plus sheets of paper TitleVest uses on average each month.

According to Conserveatree, a nonprofit organization dedicated to converting paper markets to environmental papers, the average tree yields 8,333 sheets of copy paper.

"Our business is historically paper intensive," said Bill Baron, president of TitleVest. "By employing cutting edge technology, we are encouraging our clients to go paperless by offering an unparalleled online user experience. Within the next eight months, our Grow Paperless program aims to plant enough trees to exceed those needed for our entire paper consumption over the last eight years."

A 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey revealed 93 percent of Americans believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment. By launching Grow Paperless TitleVest is able to help America’s reforestation efforts while offering clients an effective online alternative to traditional paper results.