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Feb 09 2005

TitleVest Upgrades ACRIS

TitleVest Upgrades ACRIS

New York, NY (02/09/05) -TitleVest, a leading provider of title insurance and related real estate services, has announced an enhancement to its revolutionary ACRIS ASAP software, available exclusively at .

TitleVest’s ACRIS ASAP software further simplifies the creation of ACRIS E-Tax forms for co-op transfers by automating the creation of the required ACRIS Cover Pages.

Complying with the New York City Department of Finance’s ACRIS E-Tax requirements is a two-step process: the creation of the E-Tax forms and the creation of the Cover Pages. While the E-Tax forms must be created before the closing, the ACRIS Cover Pages must be created on or after the closing date and be dated as of the closing.

Also, the ACRIS system does not allow users to post-date the Cover Pages to be the same as the closing date, so Cover Pages cannot be correctly created before the closing. If the E-Tax forms are submitted without the Cover Pages, or if the Cover Pages are created prior to the closing date, the City will reject the E-Tax filing and return the E-Tax forms to the attorney for correction and resubmission.

TitleVest's latest version of ACRIS ASAP solves these problems by streamlining the process of creating the E-Tax forms and the Cover Pages into one easy step.

ACRIS ASAP keeps a log of all co-op closings, and early each morning, automatically creates all of the required co-op Cover Pages for closings on that day. An email alert is sent to the ACRIS ASAP user on the day of their closing advising them that the Cover Pages have been created and are available on the TitleVest website alongside the E-Tax forms.

“One of our goals at TitleVest is to provide industry-best solutions for our clients,” says Bill Baron, president of TitleVest. “This enhancement to ACRIS ASAP is yet another example of our never-ending commitment to excellence.”

TitleVest’s ACRIS ASAP dramatically simplifies the creation of New York City Department of Finance’s required ACRIS E-Tax forms for all real property and coop conveyances in New York City. ACRIS ASAP eliminates the need to navigate the numerous pages, tabs and sub-tabs of City’s ACRIS website by providing a single webpage interface that allows for the creation of all required ACRIS E-Tax forms, including Cover Pages for co-op transactions, in a matter of minutes. ACRIS ASAP is free of charge and available exclusively at

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