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Understanding Development Rights

Development rights refer to a property owner's ability to further develop or build upon existing property


The measurement that regulates the permitted buildable square footage on a zoning lot is known as Floor Area Ratio

Property Owner

Also owns the unused and untransfered development rights


The owner can exercise their right to build or convey rights to another parcel

Not "Air Rights"

Air rights govern control of a volume of space (in the air) which is real property, whereas development rights are the right to build square footage on a lot or existing building

About Sightline

We analyze FAR calculations and numerous other factors to determine unused development rights so buyers can understand the potential for change in the properties adjacent to their purchase.

The report includes:

  • FAR Calculations and resultant availability
  • 3D renderings to aid in understanding availability
  • Relevant zoning district information
  • Parcel and building descriptions
  • A search of ACRIS for zoning/easement related documents

Make a clear choice