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TitleVest is the industry leader in ACRIS E-Tax Form preparation and filing services. TitleVest's ACRISasapTM available exclusively at, is a patented, web-based tool that streamlines the creation of NYC ACRIS E-Tax forms, cutting processing time by 90%.

ACRIS E-Tax Forms Preparation

To create ACRIS E-Forms, TitleVest offers two options:

Option 1: Create your own ACRIS-E Tax forms in minutes for free with TitleVest's patented ACRISasap™ or

Option 2: Complete our online ACRIS E-Tax order form and TitleVest's experienced ACRIS team will create your forms in a matter of hours.


ACRISasapTM, available exclusively at, is TitleVest's patented, web-based tool that automates the creation of required ACRIS E-Tax forms, cutting processing time by 90%.

The key benefits of ACRISasapTM as compared to the New York City Department of Finance's (DOF) "ACRIS" website are:

Features ACRISasap™ NYC ACRIS Website
Data input form 1 page 14 pages
Time to complete 3-5 minutes* 30-60 minutes or more*
Intuitive Interface Yes
Auto-populates required fields on E-Tax forms, eliminating need for prior knowledge or experience Yes
Integrates with library of legal forms (e.g. contracts of sale, deeds, etc.) Yes
Ability to create multiple E-Tax forms from master template on related transactions (e.g. sponsor sales) Yes
Automatically creates required recording cover pages Yes**
Email alert when E-Tax forms have been successfully filed with DOF Yes**
* Based on a June 2010 survey of over 500 ACRISasap™ users.
** For cooperative apartment transactions.
If you are an attorney or support staff and would like access to ACRISasapasapclick here.


After your closing, TitleVest will hand submit your ACRIS E-Tax forms/check(s) for filing with the NYC Dept. of Finance and send you a confirmation email with the recording details for a charge of $125. Simply send your original E-Tax Forms and checks (preferably by overnight courier) to:

TitleVest Agency, LLC
110 E. 42nd Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Attention: Recording Dept.
Tel: 212.757.5800


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