Coop Services - Eagle 9® from TitleVest
Eagle 9® UCC Cooperative Interest Policy from the leading provider of Coop Services.

As New York's #1 provider of Cooperative Apartment Services, TitleVest is pleased to present Eagle 9® UCC Cooperative Interest Policy ("Eagle 9®") — title insurance developed exclusively for coop transactions. For those who want the added protection of a title insurance policy, Eagle 9® is a compelling option. It offers coverage beyond the traditional leasehold policy at a fraction of the cost of traditional policies.

Features and Coverage** First American Eagle 9® Owners Policy Leaseholder Owner's Policy (TIRSA) Coop Lien Search
Disclosure of Liens & Encumbrances Yes Yes Yes
Leasehold Interest

The Cooperative Unit Owner's right to possess and occupy the Cooperative Unit.

Yes Yes --
Interest in Coop Org.

Stock certificate and proprietary lease appurtenant to the certificate for the Cooperative Unit.

Yes -- --
Coop Org. as Additional Insured

Available for an additional charge by endorsement to the Eagle 9 Owner's Policy as to the Cooperative Interest in the Coop Unit.

Yes -- --

Execution of documents by someone other than the Cooperative Unit Owner.

Yes Yes --

Fraudulent action by the Cooperative Unit Owner, such as a claim made at closing that the stock and proprietary lease relating to the Cooperative Unit were lost, when they were actually previously transferred to another party.

Yes Yes --

Insures against liens such as: federal, New York State and New York City tax liens, and personal judgments filed in the county in which the Cooperative Unit is located.

Yes Yes --
Lack of Authority

A claim that the party (including corporations, trusts, and estates) who transferred the unit lacked full authority to do so.

Yes Yes --
Maintenance Charges

Unpaid maintenance charges through the date of the policy.

Yes Yes --
Legal Defense

Costs and expenses, including attorney's fees incurred in the defense of any matter insured by the policy.

Yes Yes --
Amount of Coverage Purchase Price of Unit Purchase Price of Unit $50,000 for errors and omissions due to negligence
COST 33% (approx)
of ALTA fee policy premium
of ALTA fee policy premium
$350 - $495

* Set forth in the title commitment
** The list of coverages is a summary only. PDF copies of the form First American Eagle 9® and Leasehold Policies, which contain the full terms, conditions and exclusions, are available here: Eagle 9® Owner's Policy, Eagle 9® Lender's Policy, Leasehold Owner's Policy; Leasehold Lender's Policy

Complimentary CLE On Eagle 9® UCC Cooperative Interest Policy

If you are an attorney and want to learn more about Eagle 9® UCC Cooperative Interest Policy, TitleVest is offering a complimentary 1-hour, 1 credit CLE that goes over the basic coverages of the Eagle 9® at your offices or ours. To schedule a CLE or for more information, contact TitleVest at or 212-757-5800.