TitleVest's Escrow Services
TitleVest offers a full range of escrow services, (including acting as a Qualified Intermediary on 1031 Exchanges through our affiliate 1031Vest, LLC)

TitleVest's experienced team of escrow officers will coordinate the timely deposit of funds into a segregated escrow account that is backed by a $10 million Fidelity Bond.

With Every Escrow Deposit We Offer:

  • Segregated, Interest-Bearing Escrow Accounts

    All escrow funds are deposited into new, segregated escrow accounts bearing the depositors' names and are not commingled with other funds.

  • Competitively High Interest on Escrow Funds

    All escrow funds earn a competitively high rate of interest during the entire term of the deposit.

  • Bonded and Insured

    TitleVest's Escrow Services are backed by both a $10 million professional liability insurance policy and a $10 million Fidelity Bond.

  • Outstanding Client Service
    TitleVest is staffed by a team of experienced escrow specialists who pride themselves on offering the highest level of client service.
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